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Acreto Security Selected for UK Government’s LORCA Program

Acreto Security Selected from Companies Worldwide to Participate in LORCA’s Cohort 4

January 28, 2020, Jersey City: Acreto Security has been selected as a member of the LORCA (London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement) program – a UK government-backed program aimed at addressing today’s most complex cybersecurity challenges by identifying and accelerating the best of the best cybersecurity technologies to the global market.

“Securing the Internet-of-Everything is a completely unaddressed and critical problem that both the UK Government and LORCA commercial sponsors are focused on,” said LORCA Executive Board Member, Louise Cushnahan, who serves as the Head of Innovation Programs for Queen’s University Belfast’s Centre for Security Information Technologies (CSIT). “We are working closely with other LORCA sponsors to identify and help scale companies with solutions to this challenge.”

LORCA was launched in 2018 with funding from the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport to address critical cybersecurity needs. LORCA is delivered by Plexal, an innovation centre, along with delivery partners Deloitte and CSIT (the UK’s Innovation and Knowledge Centre for cybersecurity). It’s backed by corporate partners Lloyds Banking Group, Dell Technologies, the Global Cyber Alliance and Kudelski Security.

Businesses today utilize many technology platforms across multiple clouds, SaaS and data centers, with mobile and remote users utilizing myriad devices. Legacy security models are not designed to secure the new multi-party, multi-provider way we compute today. Acreto is the first platform that can protect any device, on any network, anywhere.

“We are delighted to have Acreto Security join LORCA’s group of select and highly-vetted companies. Our focus this year on Connected Everything led us to Acreto, which is tackling one of the most demanding challenges in cybersecurity today by securing distributed and mobile technologies,” said Saj Huq, LORCA’s Programme Director. “Our latest cohort is also a very international one, which demonstrates our aim of convening a diverse, collaborative and global cyber ecosystem.” LORCA member organizations are supported in numerous conventional and unconventional ways to accelerate their technologies to market including high-level introductions, access to industry notables in technology, strategy, marketing, legal and finance.

“Traditional network and on-device security approaches are no longer viable, especially for distributed and mobile environments,” said Babak Pasdar, Acreto’s Chief Executive Officer. “Acreto addresses this challenge with a unique and new model called Ecosystem security. This partnership with LORCA significantly enhances our access to strategic experts and expands our globalization capabilities.”  

About Acreto: Acreto is the first Security-as-a-Utility platform that protects mobile and distributed IoT Ecosystems (devices, users, applications). The platform works for any device, on any network, anywhere. Acreto eliminates the need for multiple silo vendors by integrating all fundamental security functions in a single platform.

About LORCA: LORCA’s mission is to support the most promising cybersecurity innovators in scaling and growing solutions to meet the industry’s biggest challenges while building the UK’s international cybersecurity profile.  

Media Contact:

Patricia Cucolo

Manager, Marketing and Public Relations


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