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Building Security

Commercial buildings have a slew of standard and non-standard technologies. This includes local and remote third-party partners as well as local and remote applications that building operations depend on. Critical infrastructure that needs protection includes technologies such as HVAC systems, elevator controls, fire-safety, surveillance, and access systems among others.

Joe Silva

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Securing today’s hybrid infrastructure requires the ability to identify, connect, isolate, and protect an incredibly wide array of technologies. Acreto isolates and secures all technologies, including purpose-built technologies like HVAC and elevator control systems, simply, without products or re-architecture.

Securing Commercial Infrastructure is a
Real Challenge

Many combinations of systems, applications, third-parties and internal users need to interoperate. Yet, for many, understanding what technologies exist, much less securing them is a real challenge.

Acreto Ecosystems can offer immediate visibility and insight into the technologies in use and consumption levels. Subsequently individual technologies, applications, third-parties, internal and remote users can
easily be isolated and secured.

Commercial Building
Security Use-Cases

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Commercial / Intelligent Building Systems
Acreto empowers secure, isolated local and remote third-party access for disparate building systems and technologies.
Third-Party Vendor Access
Third-Party Vendor Access
Acreto empowers secure, isolated local and remote third-party access for disparate building systems and technologies.
Tenant Security Offering
Tenant Security Offering
Acreto Ecosystems can drive new revenue streams to secure tenant infrastructure in the building, the cloud, SaaS and even other tenant locations.
Public Wifi Security
Public Wifi Security
Acreto isolates and enforces safe authorized communications for Public WiFi, yet it is simple and open to support any device or user.

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Acreto’s comprehensive platform enables you to address critical problems facing your organization. Below are examples of key use cases utilized by Acreto customers.


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