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Incident Response

Acreto delivers the world’s first incident response platform that does NOT depend on products to establish remediation and clean zones. This means instantaneous time to remediation the moment you declare an incident.
Moreover, there is no need to purchase and ship infrastructure equipment to your distributed sites around the world or standing up new emergency infrastructures. Acreto is available when you need it, where you need it.
Just turn on your pre-configured Acreto vGateways to establish re-image, validation, and all the clean zones that you need to make your users productive again and keep outbreaks from propagating.


Pre Configure

Pre-configure Acreto vGateways for your distributed offices, data centers and clouds.


Create Clean Zones

When you declare an incident, turn on your vGateways to immediately create Clean Zones on your compromised network.


Systematic Process

Follow a systematic process to:

a. Re-image your systems in the Quarantine Re-image Zone

b. Validate healthy behavior in the Quarantine Validation Zone

c. Finally move clean systems into the appropriate Production Clean Zone for long-term use

What problems do you want to solve today?

Acreto’s comprehensive platform enables you to address critical problems facing your organization. Below are examples of key use cases utilized by Acreto customers.


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