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IoT / IoMD Security

IoTs are often purpose-built single-task technologies, but remarkably hard to secure. They are often non standard with barely enough power to perform their intended task, much less secure themselves.

Because of their non-standard, single-task nature and the sheer volume and scale of these technologies, traditional security tools are not an option.

Acreto takes a holistic approach, securing the end-to-end array of standard and non-standard technologies that need to interoperate. This includes IoT/IoMD, applications, users, devices and third-parties.

End-to-End IoT
Infrastructure Security

Acreto Ecosystems Identify, Connect, Isolate and Protect the entire IoT infrastructure end-to-end. This includes individual or groups of IoT/IoMD, associated applications, internal and remote access and third-party management or data sources and destinations.

Some Use-Cases

An icon of a light blue building with a light blue shield in front of it for commercial security.

Commercial / Intelligent Buildings

Commercial / Intelligent Buildings

Commercial and Intelligent Building Systems such as HVAC, Elevator controls, Fire-safety, surveillance and key cards systems. Isolated local and remote access for third-parties as well as risk and liability mitigation.

Banking ATM

Banking ATM / ITM

Banking ATM / ITM

Banking Automated and Interactive Teller Machines (ATM/ITM) including secure deployment on hostile networks such as stadiums, airports, commercial building and retail centres. Ability to deliver contained access to multiple disparate third-party such as cash logistics, authorization, hardware, security and call-centre providers.




Internet of Medical Devices (IoMD) isolation, control and protection for healthcare organizations including imaging systems such as MRI, CatScan, X-Ray, PACS and Radiology stations. Other technologies include patient monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators and gene sequencers.

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