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Risk Mitigation

Mitigating third-party risk is a challenge for many organizations, especially when third-parties share access to systems and applications with the user community.

End-To-End Isolation
For Any Third-Party

Acreto Ecosystems address this challenge with easily deployed end-to-end isolation for any third-party. All access is isolated with rigid controls that prevent any potential for cross-contamination or lateral movement.

Real-Time Visibility

Acreto enables real-time visibility and control over all third-party access activity. Acreto not only mitigates the threat before it reaches your applications and systems, it removes the culprit entirely from the Ecosystem.

Real-Time Activity

Real-Time Activity Monitoring

Threat Mitigation

Threat Mitigation

Ecosystem Access Control

Ecosystem Access Control

Authenticate with
any Directory Service

You can also choose to authenticate third-party users and devices by leveraging your identity services, the third-party’s identity services or both. As always, these capabilities deploy easily and quickly and are super simple to manage.

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Acreto’s comprehensive platform enables you to address critical problems facing your organization. Below are examples of key use cases utilized by Acreto customers.


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